I want to build a new home. Where do I start?

You start by arranging a no obligation appointment with your local Hotondo Homes builder. Your builder will be able to direct you with finance, house and land packages, land availability, home design, and price.

Should I consult with my builder before I buy a block of land?

It is recommended that you discuss your intended land purchase with your builder as they can assist you in finding a suitable block. Keep in mind that if you are independently purchasing a block of land to check the available building envelope (the area within the allotment for construction) as this will vary across estates and heavily affect the type of home that you can build.

Can I make changes to the plan?

Yes. All Hotondo Homes floor plans are flexible, so you can modify a design to suit you and your family’s requirements. You can do this on the Hotondo Homes Online Planner or by visiting your local builder.

What is the Hotondo Homes Online Planner?

We understand that our home designs might not suit your exact requirements so we invented the Hotondo Homes Online Planner. It is an online tool that allows you to draw on home designs and make modifications to it, turning it into a home perfectly suited to your individual needs.

How do I use the Hotondo Homes Online Planner?

The Hotondo Homes Online Planner is located here. You can choose from one of 40 designs, then draw on the design to move walls, add bedrooms, extend rooms, add an alfresco, or whatever changes would make the original design your dream home. Once you have created your dream home, you can send it directly to your local Hotondo Homes builder, email it to a friend, or print it.

What do I get when I pay the preliminary fee?

After you pay the preliminary fee, your builder will conduct a site survey and soil test. This needs to be done to receive a fixed price quotation.

I already have a block of land. How can I find out if the design I like will fit the block?

If you have purchased your block of land and it is located on a new land estate, you will have received documents pertaining to the Design Guidelines and other stipulations governing the building requirements on that estate. Arrange an appointment with your Hotondo Homes builder and bring all the relevant documents to the meeting. Following the meeting, your builder will then visit and appraise your land, checking the width of the home frontage and any setback requirements (the distance between your home and the site boundaries). If you have a sloping block your builder can determine whether your chosen design will work with the block or if any extra excavation or drainage costs will be required.

Do you build on sloping sites?

Yes. We even have floor plans designed specifically for sloping blocks. If you find a design you like that is not specifically created for a sloping block, your Hotondo Homes builder may be able to modify it to suit your land requirements.

Can I access my home throughout the building process?

Only if you make arrangements with your builder to meet them on site and this can be done safely. Due to occupational health and safety requirements, you will not be able to access the site throughout the construction phase of your new home unsupervised.

Do you use reputable, well known brands?

Hotondo Homes builders use nationally recognised companies as their business partners. All products are installed correctly and are in line with the relevant Australian standards and Building codes. You can view our business suppliers here.

What type of warranty will I receive with my home?

In most states your builder is required to take out a warranty insurance policy before commencing the construction of your new home. While your home is under construction, it is covered by a different policy that expires once you move in. The warranty cover varies from state to state – check with local authorities for the period relevant to your area.

How does the maintenance process work?

When you move into your home your builder will give you a maintenance form which you are required to complete and return within three to six months of handover (depending on your state). This allows you to report any general maintenance issues to your builder, which will be completed within a reasonable time frame after the allocated maintenance period has expired.

If you have any other questions, you can find your local Hotondo Homes builder here or call 1800 677 156, and your local builder will be able to answer any questions that you may have.